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The safety of our participants and colleagues is one of our top priorities! Even though we have faith in our corona policy, we want you to feel comfortable. That is why we offer all of our groups (minimum of 10 participants) professional a rapid antigen test at the venue. We will cover a large part of the costs of these tests.

How does rapid testing work?

Step 1. Make your choice known

If you are interested in getting rapid tests done, be sure to let us know early on. This gives us the time to book the Covid-tests. Consult your team about your plans to get everybody tested. In case a group member does not want to get tested, they need to inform the team or the management of their decision. If you wish to use rapid testing, make sure to get everybody on board.

Step 2: inform the participants

When following step 1, all of your participants should be aware of the rapid tests. A few days before starting the training we will send you a briefing containing information about the testing and our corona do’s and don’ts. This way everybody knows our policy regarding the coronavirus. Good to know: the test results are personal and will only be shared with the person regarding.
How to deal with positive test result(s) is something to talk about beforehand. You can decide in advance whether the meeting will change to an online meeting, there will be a catch-up meeting later on, to delay the meeting altogether or something else. These conversations can also be supervised (online) by one of our trainers.

Step 3: the testing

Because of the time it takes to test everybody we will start the meeting about one hour before the original start time. The testing will be done by certified nurses from the [link] Covid sneltestcentrum. They test using the ‘ROMED SARS-CoV -2 antigen rapid test”. This test is certified by the ministry of health, welfare and sport & the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM). The test will show if you are contagious (at the moment of testing).

Step 4: Waiting

While waiting for the test results you can enjoy some tea or coffee (at a safe distance ofcourse), possibly accompanied by an active method (coronaproof). You can also use this time to decide whether you want to hear the results individually or all together.

Step 5: the results

Only negative results? Good, we can start our training! Even though al off the tests came back negative, we can never guarantee the complete absence of the coronavirus. We will still work at a safe distance.
One or more positive results? We will start the scenario you decided upon beforehand (see step 2). The staff members of the Covid rapid test centre are obliged to send their data to the Public Health Services (GGD). The employer will be notified of the positive test results, but this will be done anonymously. This way the privacy of the participants is taken into account.

Any questions about the possibilities for rapid testing? Contact us!

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