If you want to learn something you can read a book, watch an instructional video, observe others, etc. We add an active component to learning. We set people into motion and believe that learning by doing and experiencing is the best way to learn. This way, we make learning both fun and effective.

Below you find the categories of our experiential, active methods.

Teambuilding with impact

Group activities where each member of the group learns from a shared experience. There are many different teambuilding programs, which can all be organized both indoors and outdoors.
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Outdoor training

Outdoor training is an ideal way to reveal behavioral patterns and open the dialogue. It is a powerful and goal-oriented way to move people. You do not have to be physically fit or strong to be able to participate in an Outdoor Training!
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Team development

“You don’t have to be ill in order to get better” is a quote we regularly use. We have a vast number of different exercises with different themes, so that there’s something for every team. Some examples of themes are teamwork, internal communication, personal efficiency, change and leadership.
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Serious games

Gaming is more than just having fun! Our business games and simulations are group activities which can reveal behavioural patterns in leadership, communication and collaboration. It opens the door to dialogue and reflection. If you want to make sure your change process has a strong kick-off, this is it!
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Personal development

Every intervention is about personal development. Simply because organisations are formed by individuals. We also have special programs for personal development. Mostly about personal leadership and leadership skills. Besides that we offer personal coaching.
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Online training

For years teambuilding, leadership programmes and team development took place in a face to face setting. However working and leading remotely is becoming more and more a reality which requires different approaches. Online or hybrid learning and development is growing rapidly.
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Haven't found what you are looking for? We are experts in developing experiential programs which exactly meet your needs.

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