How does it work?

Every once in a while a client or participant asks us: “What do poles, ropes and car tires have to do with my job?”

In order to be able to answer this question, we start by explaining the four aspects that are part of each job. We named this model ‘the square’:

Transfer of trainingThree of the four aspects (what your job involves, who you work with, and with what materials you can do this) are very difficult to influence.

During our programs we make changes to the elements what, with what and sometimes even the who. Participants perform assignments that are different from their daily tasks (what) and have to use different materials (with what) than they normally would. In some cases, your team members (who) might not even be your direct colleagues in the workplace. By changing those three aspects, you are only able to influence aspect number four: the How. That is when unintentional behaviour becomes visible and tangible. During the reflection we ask:

How did you handle the assigned task (what) with the means (with what) and participants (who) available?

Asking this question achieves true insight into behaviour and reveals why professionals handle daily work situations the way they do. The next step is to put this behaviour up for discussion: is everybody satisfied with the situation as it is and does it achieve what it intends to achieve?

So whether you build houses, teach, or manage an insurance company: as long as you want to learn about your own and others’ behaviour: we can help you!

Outing Holland

At Outing Holland you will learn by doing! We believe that experience teaches. That means that – literally and figuratively – bringing people in motion is an effective way to learn.

We support clients in the development and implementation of learning and development programs using various experiential, active work forms, management games and outdoor exercises.


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