Our job; Experiential learning

We make learning fun and fun things educational. We develop and provide group activities which can reveal unintentional behavior in the areas of leadership, communication and teamwork.

Our interactive workshops make behavior visible and open the door to dialogue. We call this experiential learning. We design interactive workshops for both small groups (up to 10 people) and large groups (over 2,000 participants). We operate both indoors and outdoors, in the Netherlands and abroad. We support our activities – when necessary – with relevant theory and products.

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Where can you meet us? We work indoors as well as outdoors, at all kinds of locations in the Netherlands. And did you know that we also develop training courses (far) across our national borders?

Outing Holland

At Outing Holland you will learn by doing! We believe that experience teaches. That means that – literally and figuratively – bringing people in motion is an effective way to learn.

We support clients in the development and implementation of learning and development programs using various experiential, active work forms, management games and outdoor exercises.


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