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Remko Sietsma 2019

Remko Sietsma

Experience expert / Changer / Cross thinker / Entrepeneur
After years of experience, I could say I’m an expert in inventing, developing and executing experiental active methods, for learn- and developmentprogrammes. My credo? All is benefit!


Thomas de Vries

Thomas de Vries

Method specialist / Connector / Entertainer / Entrepeneur
I’m an expert in combining experiental learning with active methods. Distinctive is my ability to wear the right ‘glasses’ to convert a particular theory or need into a fun and educational experience.


Sabine Mastwijk 2019

Sabine Mastwijk

Connector / Experience expert / Space provider
After 14 years of work experience , I find that my power is to create security in a group and providing the space so that what must be said, can be said.



Timo Wilke

Developer / Listener / Connector
My expertise is to to facilitate a safe and careful developmentproces, where a group can share thoughts, feelings and experiences.



Wouter Hoogenboom 2019

Wouter Hoogenboom

Researcher / Experience expert
With a sense of humor I like to challenge people to take a step. I am inquisitive, curious and focused on development.



Yolanda Sloot 2019


Yolanda Sloot

Organizer / Multitasker / Thinker 
As a project coordinator in various organizations, I have gained experience in planning and organizing. That’s what I do best!

Outing Holland

At Outing Holland you will learn by doing! We believe that experience teaches. That means that – literally and figuratively – bringing people in motion is an effective way to learn.

We support clients in the development and implementation of learning and development programs using various experiential, active work forms, management games and outdoor exercises.


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