More than just training

It may sound strange for a training agency, but giving the actual training is only part of our job. Most of our time is spent on designing the program, planning the intakes and evaluation. During the training we support the (group) process, reflect and facilitate transfer of what’s been learned to the workplace. To learn more about how we operate, please read on below.

Program design

After consulting with you, we design a program that meets your needs. We define realistic development goals and propose suitable interactive workshops. You will receive an invoice, along with a description of the exercise(s) and possible locations.


Which preparations need to be made will differ per program. We mostly help to create the right briefing for the participants to prepare for the workshop. Before the actual workshop takes place, we always speak with the team leader. For programs in which participants have personal goals, leadership programs for example, we always have a conversation with each individual participant. In many cases, participants receive a question beforehand that will help them prepare themselves for the specific themes. Additionally, participants can take our team test TeamQ. This online instrument can quickly reveal how your team is doing on different levels. This is a great starting point for discussion and exploration.

Supervision and reflection

During our training we focus on the process, the how. (see Methodology). When an exercise is finished, participants and the trainer reflect on the predetermined development goals. We then transfer the results from the workshop to the workspace. Guided by our feedback rules, participants are invited to give feedback.

After the program

It is only after the interactive workshop that the learning process really begins. We can plan an extensive ‘outtake’ meeting or you can opt for coaching on the job. Importantly, participants are always responsible for their own development.


We value how clients and suppliers have experienced working with us. During a conversation with all participating parties, we review the program and ask ourselves this question: Did the program achieve the desired results and where there any unanticipated outcomes?

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