To learn something you can read a book, watch an instruction video, observe how someone else does it, etc. We add action to learning. We put people into motion because doing it yourself, experiencing it, is in our opinion the best learning method. It’s also the way we make learning fun and effective.

Below are the categories of our experiential, active methods.


We always discuss with you at forehand what you expect from the balance between fun and learning. Flying with drones can be lot of fun and it’s also a very effective method to discuss cooperation in a team. That’s why we speak of educational team building.
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Outdoor training

Our outdoor training makes behaviour visible which makes a team fly or can keep them trapped in. It’s easier to talk about what you just have experienced and look for the underlying patterns. Everybody can join our outdoor activities, no need for physical work outs. A lot of our ‘outdoor’ exercises can be done indoors as well.
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Team development

We always have different loops of action and reflection during a team development program. Insights of one exercise can be applied in the next. A safe environment is created in which team members can ask for and give one another feedback. There is always a direct transfer to the daily work situation.
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Management games

Our management games are designed for larger groups. These serious games are suitable for different needs. For example as a kick-off in a development process, as a mean to discuss core values, or to emphasize the need to really work together instead of working on islands. Our management games are always a combination of fun and a serious reflection on shown behaviour.
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Personal development

Every intervention is about personal development. Simply because organisations are formed by individuals. We also have special programs for personal development. Mostly about personal leadership and leadership skills. Besides that we offer personal coaching.
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Overige werkvormen

En dan hebben we nog de categorie overige. Sluiten de hiervoor genoemde type werkvormen niet aan, dan staat hier misschien wel iets tussen... Zo niet. Bel en we denken met plezier mee.
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Outing Holland

At Outing Holland you will learn by doing! We believe that experience teaches. That means that – literally and figuratively – bringing people in motion is an effective way to learn.

We support clients in the development and implementation of learning and development programs using various experiential, active work forms, management games and outdoor exercises.