You can make everything from Lego. And not only a boat, an airplane or a train, but also a model with which you express something, for example a certain situation, your identity, opportunities, threats, interaction, objectives, systems, you name it.

Lego® Serious Play®, originally developed to get the imagination back in its own organization, is a training method developed by Lego and the University of Lausanne. Outing Holland is ‘trained LSP facilitator’ of this method. And we are happy with that, because the method is just as effective, versatile and low-threshold. Because everyone can do it. Shake a tray of Lego bricks empty and everyone gets to work, even people who usually stay in the background. Experiencing!

What helps in this active work form is that participants do not have to talk about themselves directly, but about the model they have built. Instructive teambuilding workshops Lego Serious Play last one day to a maximum of two days, depending on the severity of the problem. And that can be very diverse!

Outing Holland

At Outing Holland you will learn by doing! We believe that experience teaches. That means that – literally and figuratively – bringing people in motion is an effective way to learn.

We support clients in the development and implementation of learning and development programs using various experiential, active work forms, management games and outdoor exercises.

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